The value of small, focussed conferences & referrals

A snippet from academia…

We ended the week looking at the optimal strategy for improving your centrality.

Centrality is how close to the center of the graph you are.

An application of this is how close you are to the center of your social network.

The initial simplistic model has an interesting conclusion…

there is more value in introducing two of your contacts than there is in meeting someone new in terms of your centrality.

This means that creating triads is more valuable than meeting new people. The other advantage of introducing people is that it does not reduce your distance to the edge of the network, i.e. it does not increase your visability to people you do not know. Introducing people does not mean a commitment on your part. It also means that  social brokers are increasing their own value by making introductions.

So far the model is very simplistic , I want to explore weights (the impact of other people’s centrality) and the distance they are from you in the graph. For example, if someone is a long distance from you, it may be more valuable to meet them than introduce people (i.e. Never commit early unless you know why).

If we can extend the proof on this it would mean that small focused conferences based on a group of very close friends would be shown to be more valuable than a larger one with weak links.

– IC PhD student linked to CIR