About Cambridge Investment Research

CIR, or Cambridge Investment Research, is a business strategy advisory firm founded in 2002. CIR specialises in business intelligence, opportunity prioritisation and the route to value through value flows, confidence and options. Over 3250 senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators have become CIR conference delegates at over 30 events since 2002.

CIR Team

Alan South

MA M.Eng

Alan has 30 years direct experience of bringing new ideas to life with the last 8 years in a high growth clean energy business. Executive education delivered from the perspective of an active senior executive.

justin hayward

Justin Hayward


Justin is the founder director of CIR. He specialises in delivering business intelligence, assembling high-level project business strategy teams, building value networks and structuring conferences and their focus marketing. He is a theoretical physicist by training, taking advanced degrees MMath, and PhD from Cambridge University. He was the only PhD student of Professor Stephen Hawking beginning in 1991. He worked at Deutsche Bank from 1996-2000 as a relative value analyst, and took an MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School in 2000/1.

justin hayward

Nick Coutts


Nick has been a CIR Strategy Consultant since 2008. Nick provides expertise in segmentation, routes to value, service design, opportunity prioritisation. As VP Global Distribution Channel Strategy for the multinational giant, IBM, he was responsible for the development and the effective use of distribution channels for IBM globally, which then contributed to turning this large company around. Nicholas has a degree in economics taken at King's Cambridge in 1975-1978. He is based in London.

justin hayward

Maya Stancheva

Maya has been with CIR as a conference manager and market researcher since 2006. Maya welcomes CIR executive delegates front of conference and is adept at handling cloud-based event tools and systems. She has a Master's Degree in finance. She is married and based in Cambridge.