About Cambridge Investment Research

Cambridge Investment Research is an independent business strategy company founded in 2002. We have worked recently with larger companies and with innovators. It is with pleasure that we offer all our services whether these be advising using subjective probability-value analysis of (often) imperfect or scarce update data or unclear backdrop, or creating fresh approaches and viewpoints through discussing value, modelling decisions, prioritising, analysing and advising from these on actions. We are a people business, whether this means our clients, our associates and administrators, conference sponsors, speakers, delegates or our wider network. A network of over 4,400 senior investors, executives, entrepreneurs, innovators have taken part in 54 CIR event/conference days.

CIR Team

Nick Coutts


Nick is a senior consultant with CIR, joining in 2008 and based in central London.

Nick adds expertise and experience in the provision of business and economic methods including, in 2022, a prize-winning scaleable platform to track value.

As VP Global Distribution Channel Strategy for IBM, he was responsible for the development and the effective use of distribution channels globally.

Nicholas was educated at Cambridge University. In his spare time, Nicholas volunteers as a deliverer of blood for a rapid response service, on call on two powered wheels at night, across the city.

justin hayward

Justin Hayward


Justin has been Director of CIR since 2002.

He works with large corporate and SME clients in a range of industrial sectors. He specialises in delivering subjective decision logic, strategic planning, business intelligence, risk, resilience, continuity and development; and building networks and structuring value into conferences, particularly around clean energy, advanced manufacturing, materials and ML.

Justin was a financial risk analyst and optimal subjective trading strategy model developer at a top-tier city investment bank in the 1990s.

He was the only PhD student of the late Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University beginning in 1991, completing a thesis on information loss around models of black holes. He is passionate about Bayesian approaches to problems, and still enjoys looking at theories such as quantum and gravity. He enjoys time with his family, especially watching them play cricket. He unwinds with cross-country running and, very occasionally, cross-country skiing.


Peter Sharratt

MA, DipArch (Cantab), MSt.(IDBE), FRSA

Peter has over 28 years strategy consulting and project delivery experience, specializing in policy and regulatory development, strategic planning and design in infrastructure and property. He trained and practiced as an architect before becoming global Director of Energy and Sustainability Services for WSP and latterly as Director in Deloitte, where he set up and led the City Solutions advisory team. He works with a number of investors and developers in logistics infrastructure. He is a visiting Professor to the University of Westminster and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Alan South

MA M.Eng

Alan has 35 years direct experience of bringing new ideas to life with the last ten in a high growth energy business. Executive development delivered from the perspective of an active senior executive. Alan’s teaching and thinking is informed by his work with leading academics, but critically is underpinned by his continuing career as an executive. He is currently responsible for innovation, technology and strategy at a leading UK company. Alan has deep, practical expertise in turning new ideas from a sketch into business and regularly advises.

Maya Stancheva


Maya has been with CIR as event executive and market researcher since 2006. Maya welcomes CIR executive delegates front of conference and is adept at handling cloud-based event tools and data systems.

Maya has a Master's Degree in finance.