Programme guide

Session 1 – Introduction: Connected Intelligence, water, energy, 'things'

10:00 Justin Hayward, Director, CIR Strategy, Introduction
Justin formed CIR Strategy in 2001, an independent strategy consultancy offering diligence, market research, and the renowned 'Routes to Value’ methodology. Justin worked at Deutsche Bank from 1996-2000 as a financial relative value analyst, derivatives modelling, looking at LIBOR & money market trading strategies, Euroland bond market convergence, global bond portfolios. He took an MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School in 2000/1 focusing on strategic management of technology. Through the early 2002 HVM Report he wrote for government, and the successful conference series founded that year, Justin is connected (distantly) to the foundation of the TSB HVM department, and new HVM TIC spread across the UK. Justin trained as a physicist, taking advanced degrees MMath, and PhD from Cambridge University. He was the PhD student of Professor Stephen Hawking beginning in 1991.

10:05 John Riley, Head, Digital Policy Alliance, Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Dr John Riley is the new head or Secretary-General of the Digital Policy Alliance. This organisation alerts Parliamentarians and policy makers to the potential impacts and implications from new technologies such as the Internet of Things. John is strongly engaged with the IoT community, and joins the conference as Chair.

10:10 Bryan Lawrence, VP Embedded, ARM Holdings plc Lead Sponsor
Empowering Your Home: Realizing Efficiency, Comfort and Security
This short talk from ARM will discuss the technology challenges that we as an industry face to ensure the right framework exists for the Smart Home of the near future. This requires open, horizontal platforms, IPv6 to endpoints that include security; trust and privacy so that houses can self manage systems and services in a truly integrated way around the people that occupy their home.
Bryan has been with ARM 12 years and began his career with ARM as a design consultant assisting partners architect their own ARM based chip design. He created a small team who travelled the world promoting ARM technologies as the system level solution running seminars in emerging business regions. Bryan is particularly interested in continuing to promote ARM technologies in an embedded system level solution & is looking at how ARM technology can be applied in applications related to internet connectivity like Smart Energy and Automation.

10:25 Robert Brunbäck, CMO at mobile operator Telenor Connexion AB
The Smart Home: from vision to reality
Robert's talk does what it says on the tin, taking the delegates through longer Scandinavian experiences of building the smart home, and the suite of services that can be bundled for consumer householders as their experience of their home is transformed. This keynote talk will be of strong interest to innovators offering niche services, but also (inter)national operators in the UK of all persuasions, be they of a telecoms, energy or TV background.
Robert Brunbäck, CMO at mobile operator Telenor Connexion AB - solely focusing global M2M / Telematics services. He brings over 10 years of experience in large-scale M2M deployments, product development and Go-to-Market strategies within sectors such as automotive, utility, building automation and cleantech. Robert holds a M.Sc degree in Marketing & Communications from Växjö University, Sweden.

10:40 Ian Ellerington, Head of Innovation, DECC
DECC Innovation Programme
This talk will explore the efforts of government to support particular companies in cleantech, specifically innovating in energy & homes.
An expert in energy, Ian was involved in change and project management in a career that includes stretches at Meggitt in defence projects, QinetiQ, KBC consulting, after a Cambridge education, and before joining DECC to lead innovation delivery.

10:55 Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation, Anglian Water, Gold Sponsors
Big innovation in water
Synopsis Highlighting the kinds of innovation Anglian have been supporting, Steve Kaye will talk about Anglianʼs constant quest for innovation and how it can link into the new Smart Homes movement in Cambridge on November 5. Looking long-term in its 25-year strategy, the company intends to explore the possibilities for collaboration with innovators to deliver better services to water customers.

11:10 Panel with Chair, & Marco Pisano, ESCO Board Member, followed by coffee break

Session 2 – iWATER – Intelligent Water Technology

11:45 Linda Berkshire, Water Efficiency Manager, Anglian Water,
Tales of Customer Experiences
Linda Berkshire, Water Efficiency Manager at Anglian Water is responsible for the delivery of the water efficiency target. Linda has been with the company for twenty six years working predominantly in Customer Services and Metering. As Water Efficiency Manager she has seen the role expand as water efficiency becomes an increasingly important issue in terms of the potential impact of climate change on water resources and growth within the Anglian region. Linda sits on a number of groups at a regional and national level and chairs the Anglian Region Water Efficiency Group comprising membership from Water Companies, Environment Agency and the Energy Saving Trust. The group provides a forum for discussion and action on water efficiency, metering and leakage. Synopsis
11:55 Laurie Reynolds, Director, Aquamatix
Connecting the Water Industry to the Internet of Things!
The 4th industrial revolution is underway, focussed on using data from intelligent devices to enable understanding of the world around us. Nowhere is this more important than the water sector. The talk will summarise Aquamatix’ plans to integrate sensors, wireless communications and data analytics to create an open, standards based ecosystem for the global water industry.
Laurie Reynolds has over 40 years experience as a systems engineer in water industry, Aquamatix is a specialist software integrator developing a cloud service for monitoring and optimisation of water systems called WaterWorX, and WhiteSpace Water is a startup focussed on integration of sensors with Weightless open wireless standard and award winner in 2013.

12:05 Chris Phillips, Director, i2o Water
Under pressure: the advanced, smarter way to manage the network
This presentation will describe how Smart Water technologies can be used to manage network pressures more intelligently and cost effectively. Examples from leading water utilities around the world will be used to illustrate the compelling ROI from Advanced Pressure Management in terms reduced leakage, bursts, and energy consumption, lower overall opex and capex expenditure and improved customer service.
Chris Phillips is Chief Marketing Officer at i2O Water. In this role, Mr. Phillips is responsible for all aspects of the marketing of i2O’s Advanced Pressure Management solutions. He works closely with water utilities and the broader water industry around the world to promote the advantages of applying Advanced Pressure Management techniques to water distribution networks. These advantages include leakage and burst reduction, operational and capital cost savings, reduced environmental impact and improved customer service. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Mr. Phillips brings has more than 24 years of leadership experience in the technology industry.

12:10 Marcus Fowler, Tynemarch
Hands to the pump: total control software
Marcus graduated at Cambridge in electrical engineering and have since gained 20 years experience in the water industry in water resources, risk analysis and optimisation.

12:20 Paul Glass, Anglian Water
In-house displays & devices for water

12:27 Dave Singerton, Wastewater Projects Manager, Anglian Water
Weather data and automated real-time control of sewerage systems
Water Company challenges include improving operational efficiency and cost savings, sustainability, improving service levels and meeting changes in legislation. Smart sewer networks present an opportunity to help achieve these targets. To do this we need to effect real time control which requires information from factors such as the weather, flow data and pumping station performance.

Dave is Wastewater Projects Manager in Anglian Water’ Innovation team with 30 years water industry experience. I’m a Chartered Civil Engineer with an interest in combining the use of modern sensing technologies, communication networks and the possibilities for using artificial intelligence systems.

12:35 Panel with Head of Innovation at Anglian Water
13:00 Rapid Innovation Pitches CIR Strategy

13:10 Lunch and joint networking with HVM Graphene Stream

Session 3 – HEAT – Home Energy & Technology

14:00 Graeme Hodgson, Project Manager, Hitachi Europe, Gold Sponsors
Smart Systems for Smart Cities
With 70 per cent of energy used for space and water heating there is an urgent need to find low-carbon solutions to heating our homes. Hitachi is committed to Social Innovation and we believe that with ICT-enabled integrated energy solutions we can empower the home-owner whilst cost-effectively facilitating the achievement of carbon targets. This talk will present some of our work in this area.

14:15 Andy Nowell, Head of Smart Buildings, Sentec Ltd
Why “appcessories” are hot and energy is not
Many people have touted energy management as the killer Smart Home app. They imagine people actively engaging with an energy management dashboard and changing their behaviour to reduce consumption. In reality, most consumers are simply not interested. This talk investigates the challenges of engaging with consumers and the growth of low cost “appcessories” which monitor things people really care about.
Andrew heads up the Smart Buildings section at Sentec. He has been involved with the design of numerous Smart Home products, from smart plugs to current clamps to full home energy management systems. Andrew is a graduate of Christ’s College Cambridge in Electrical and Information Engineering.

14:30 Andy Heaton, Founder & CEO, enModus Ltd
Connectivity in the smart home – Winner Takes All or Horses for Courses?
As smart home technology is making the transition from bleeding edge technology for early adopters to the mainstream, the industry is beginning to address fundamental questions about technology standards, cost, reliability, supportability and usability. Such questions abound in the domain of communications technology. For makers of smart appliances, connected heating and lighting controls, sensors and other smart home products, there are many connectivity options to choose from: wireless technologies and wired alternatives. In this talk, Andy will discuss the key requirements for connectivity in the Smart Home, and his views about whether the future will be one where multiple protocols co-exist or one where a single standard dominates.
Andy is a technology industry veteran, with 28 years spent in blue chip semiconductor companies and technology start-ups in the UK and US. Operational, Engineering and Senior Management roles in Plessey, Philips, Motorola and ON Semiconductor were followed by senior roles in start-ups SiConnect, Xmos and Air Semi. He has led organisations of thousands across the world and small design teams alike. In 2010, Andy founded enModus, a UK-based smart home start-up that had developed a break-through low bit-rate powerline communications technology called Wattwave. The company is working on bringing its technology to market in the form of low-cost OEM-embeddable modules and in its own range of Wattzo-branded smart home devices.

14:40 Russell Haggar, CEO, Xsilon Ltd
One Internet of Everything to find them all and in the Smart Home bind them
Connectivity in the smart home will be multifarious but invisible: whether it be Hanadu, ZigBee, Weightless, Z-Wave or GreenPHY it will work seamlessly and everywhere. The householder will get all the functionality they need, irrespective of which connection method they are using. Technology companies need to make sure that it will just work. It shouldn’t require dark magic.
Russell Haggar runs Xsilon, developer of the Hanadu In-Home M2M connectivity technology. He has spent over 25 years in the comms technology industry, variously as an engineer, marketeer, investor, NED and consultant with companies such as Marconi, Madge Networks, Sagentia, Element 14 (the Broadcom one, not Farnell), Prelude Ventures, DFJ Esprit XMOS, 3Way Networks, SiConnect and Enlightened Technology.

14:45 Chris Wright, Founder, Moixa Energy,
Distributed Energy systems : time shifting DC and lighting load
Moixa Technology are underway on a contract to install the Maslow districted energy system in 300 homes. This will demonstrate the ability to time shift consumer priority loads in the home, such as lighting and IT, through buffering with energy storage. Moixa will outline the benefits to consumers (including LED lighting) and to other parts of the value chain

15:00 Panel with Graham Ford, Energy Entrepreneur & Tea break
A seasoned clean energy entrepreneur and conference chairman, Graham Ford founded and was CTO of Heliodynamics, a CSP company, and has worked at top tier consultancy, as PA Consulting, and an MA from Cambridge in Engineering.

IV. Final Session – Smart Homes IoT Entrepreneurship

15:40 Adam Gould, CEO, ARM-Sensinode
Introduction to IoT for smart homes web services
The IoT is the next evolution of the Internet where products of all types and capabilities are connected. IMS Research forecasts that there will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020. Sensinode is a pioneer in software for low cost low power internet connected devices and has been a key contributor to open standards for IoT. Sensinode is based in Oulu, Finland, where there is a leading technical & engineering university, but has recently been acquired by ARM. This talk gives an overview of the potential for the Internet of Things as an interoperable standards-based platform for web services, with a focus on applications for the smart home.
Adam Gould is currently VP Sensinode Business at ARM. Previously, Adam was CEO of Sensinode, a world leading provider of software for the Internet of Things. Adam has more than 25 years of experience in the wireless industry holding executive positions with Nextwave and Nokia Mobile Phones in San Diego. Adam holds more than 7 patents, and has degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Drexel University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
16:00 Ben Kott, Founder & CEO, EnergyDeck
The power of sharing - or how can energy efficiency reach Google-scale
EnergyDeck is a web-based platform that helps organisations save energy, resources and costs. The platform is inspired by Benjamin's experience as Google's Green Business Operations manager in Europe. The ultimate goal is to bring energy and resource efficiency to a mass market by making resource consumption accessible to a broad range of users and providing an effective way to share best practices.

Benjamin Kott is the founder and CEO of EnergyDeck, an innovative web-based platform that helps organisations save energy, resources and costs. The driving idea behind EnergyDeck is to leverage the collective intelligence of users in order to provide relevant consumption benchmarks and help identify suitable savings measures. Previously, Benjamin was Google's Green Business Operations Manager and Clean Energy Advocacy Manager for Europe. Benjamin holds a degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Munich Technical University and an MBA from Insead in France. He is a member of the sustainability advisory board of the BBC.

16:10 Amir Chaudhry, Founder, Nymote.org
Dumb homes, smart people: generational systems for an Internet of Things
If the Internet of Things develops the same way as the Web then ultimately, it’ll become a winner-take-all-my-data arrangement, with silos that restrict migration. Instead of smart homes, we should make smart people who are empowered to become their own digital hub. This allows new, innovative services to be enabled while putting end-users back in control of what they share. I want this to be the Internet of *my* Things, and the open-source tools from Nymote.org will make that possible.
Amir is a researcher in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he works on open-source tools to enable a decentralised Internet of Things and Personal Clouds (see nymote.org). His industrial experience ranges from early-stage startups to blue chip multi-nationals and in 2009 he co-founded the Springboard accelerator programme (now part of Techstars). Amir has a diverse academic background with an MSci in Physics and a PhD in Neuroscience.

16:20 Usman Haque, Founder & CEO, Umbrellium Ltd
Empowering smart citizens
The big business approach to problems for citizens often tries to solve them though technology only. This can have the effect of leaving individuals alienated. This talk by the Pachube and Umbrellium founder is a response to this problem using IoT. The Umbrellium approach is to create and deliver progressive products for enabling smart citizens to take control (for) themselves, take control of their houses, cities, and environment.
Architect & visionary serial entrepreneur Usman Haque, Usman Haque has created responsive environments, interactive installations, digital interface devices and mass-participation performances. His skills include the design of both physical spaces and the software and systems that bring them to life. Usman founded in 2008, Pachube, a platform for cloud based IoT services. Pachube was sold to LogMeIn in a deal worth around USD15mn in 2011. At the time of its sale, Pachube users send more than seven million datapoints to the service each day. This data comes from sensors, devices and environments. It is now known as Xively. Following the nuclear accidents in Japan in 2011, Xively was used by volunteers to interlink Geiger counters to monitor the disaster in real time, a project in which Joi Ito Head of the MIT Media Lab was involved.

16:40 Pilgrim Beart, Founder Director, AlertMe Ltd
Smart Home IoT at Scale
AlertMe Founder Pilgrim Beart FIET will cover two pertinent topics: Firstly, he will summarise some recent shifts in the Internet of Things landscape and how that is likely to help everyone’s homes become Smart Homes. Secondly, following-on from his previous CIR talks on the subject, he will give an updated picture of the changing picture of UK home energy consumption.
AlertMe is the leading provider of Smart Home platforms, with a focus on energy-management.
Pilgrim Beart [pron. BEERT] is a visionary serial entrepreneur whose previous companies have delivered hundreds of millions of devices into the mass consumer market. Now his current venture AlertMe seeks to empower consumers with its The evolution of the Smart Home is led by the needs of consumers.
17:00 Plenary panel with Dr John Riley, Head of DPA UK Gov, then Chair Summary

17:30 Networking Drinks