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Don’t miss this unique 2-day course on the art of decision for non-mathematician executive decision makers.

  • Course pass with dinner, with one hotel overnight 28-29 June 2023: £2700 + vat (register below, this is at 10% early discount)
  • Course pass with dinner, no hotel: £2430 + vat (register below)
  • 11th Cleanpower Dinner 2023 Cambridge (£135 + vat on early discount, then £150 + vat, separate from course)
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Who should attend?

The goal of the Decision course is to help non-mathematician decision-makers and leaders see how to approach and make better decisions using decision inference and probability logic, working better with their teams. It'll be another string to their bow, potentially opening up many prosperous avenues. Attendees of the course may be senior executives or officers in corporates and government positions, who will come away better able to lead teams in strategy, AI, ML and general business development decisionmaking based on extended logic of probability.

Separately (it is possible to attend both events in one visit to the city), we welcome old and new guests to the 11th Cleanpower Smart Grids dinner, which this year replaces the full 2-day annual Conference and will be an informally-facilitated, open discussion with good food, and in pleasant surrounds in central Cambridge, UK.

Welcome from Director

You are warmly welcomed to join us in Cambridge, UK this summer 2023. Many have said how much they have appetite for meeting up again. Here are two great opportunities to do exactly that.
I very much hope you will come to this new and unique decision-making course this summer, and/or the 11th Cleanpower Smart Grids dinner!

Dr J Hayward MBA (Cantab.), Founder Director, CIR


To enable non-mathematician decisionmakers to work with their teams better to make optimal decisions using extended probability logic and inference.  

Who for?

The programme is designed for busy senior executives, focused but with time for networking and relationship-building over the two days, in good hotels and beautiful city venues, such as Cambridge, UK. As such, it could be taken as a highly productive off-site experience away for team members, likely in the below roles. A basic grounding in 'high school' mathematics would be useful. A degree in other scientific or numerate subjects, including MBAs, is great, but also not a prerequisite. The course has been tested!

Decision-makers generally | Corporate directors and officers | CxOs | Chiefs of Staff | VPs | General Managers
Government officials | Public sector agency leaders | Technology leaders | Investors | Senior Strategists in-house | Strategic Compliance Officers | Management accountants | Senior risk managers | Private individuals making decisions.

About CIR networks

We aim to help develop your organisation's success via insights and meeting well-connected people. CIR was founded in 2002, since when there have been 55 conference days for 4,500 participants, including 525 speakers covering industrial, manufacturing and materials, software, circular economy, energy, transport and built environment. We are ready to deliver this brand new decision-making course, excited by this development in our journey.

This is the home of the High Value Manufacturing, HEAT, SHIFT, Circular Economy, Advanced Materials and Graphene, Cleanpower & Smart Grids Conference Summit event series. The series were founded in 2002. We have brought together large business, government agencies, inventors with entrepreneurial commercialisers, investors and the supporting business network and supply chains.

About the course leader Dr J Hayward

Dr Hayward has a Ph.D., M.Math and MBA from Cambridge University. The Ph.D was in applied mathematics and included studies of coherence in quantum gravity. He worked as a quant in research at a top tier investment house in London, looking at implied probability distributions and optimal strategies for trading securities such as foreign exchange currency pairs, and on portfolio optimisation in the bond markets. He took an MBA at the Cambridge Judge Business School which had modules in statistics, but which focused on frequentist methods only. As a contractor for the past 20 years, he has helped a range of businesses with option prioritisation in strategic decisions, including for example with the chip design leader, Arm. He has had a passion for and belief in Bayesian methods for a number of years and has created a course to offer this excellent decision making process and method to leaders who are not mathematicians in a concise and accessible form.

At-a-glance flight information

All London Airports (Stansted STN (30 mins, exec taxi transfer cost £GBP50), City LCY (2h, £GBP125) , Heathrow LHR (2h, £GBP160), Luton LUT (1h30, £GBP120), Gatwick LGW 3h, £GBP220) serve Cambridge. Taxis take 10 minutes from the Cambridge train station.

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