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The outlook for biomass electricity in the UK & Government Bioenergy Strategy discussed by Pöyry at Cleanpower

Poyry will note at Cleanpower 2012 Cambridge (14 June) that the government expects electricity generated from biomass to play an important role in meeting the UK’s 2020 renewables target. This talk describes the policy and regulatory background affecting biomass electricity developments, including the Renewables Obligation, Electricity Market Reform, and the April 2012 Bioenergy Strategy.

Ali Lloyd, Principal Consultant at global renewable energy leader Poyry, will present ‘The outlook for biomass electricity in the UK’.

Biography for Ali Lloyd

Ali Lloyd joined Pöyry Management Consulting in February 2010 and has around 20 years of commercial experience in UK energy markets. He has a detailed knowledge of the UK electricity market including support schemes for renewable and CHP generators. Ali is part of Pöyry’s renewables team, providing advice primarily to renewable and energy-from-waste developers on project valuation and off-take contracting strategy.

This 4th Annual Smart Grids & Cleanpower Conference, uniquely covering the core and range of technologies and strategic vision for grids and power, is brought to you by CIR Strategy in association with ARM plc and Schneider Electric, and is part of the Cleantech Conferences of Cambridge Series.

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Clean Energy: at What Price? Professor John Miles keynotes Cleanpower 2012 14 June

An analytical keynote talk by Professor John Miles of the Engineering Department at Cambridge University in the opening session of the Cleanpower Conference on 14 June at Murray Edwards College, will look at the possibilities for generating clean energy in the UK in pursuit of the Government 2050 goals. In particular, the cost of supplying energy from these sources will be commented on and some possible practical routes forward explored.

Professor John Miles, Director ARUP & Cambridge University Engineering


John Miles has been a Group Board director at Arup, the global consultancy, for 17 years and has been responsible for a number of high profile projects and developments over that time. John has very wide experience in the fields of energy and resources, and has particular expertise in the areas of energy strategy and low-carbon transport systems. As a senior member of the firm, John has been a media spokesman on subjects ranging from Peak Oil to Intelligent Mobility, and has actively contributed to the debate on carbon reduction and global warming. Outside Arup, John has held a number of significant positions including a three-year term as a commissioner on the UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and a term as a director of the UK Housing Forum. He is currently a member of the UK Automotive Council, the UK Energy Research Partnership, and a non-executive director of the Construction Industry Research and Information Association.

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