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This unique 15th Anniversary HVM Conference 2017 and Fourth Graphene & New Materials Conference 2017 (GNM17) event series and business network provides a platform for understanding and investing in, partnering and innovating with new materials in industrial, defence, electronics & displays, sensors & IOT, healthcare and biomedical sectors within “industry 4.0”. It is an ambitious platform to understand increased productivity and the trillion dollar question of investment in the relevant opportunities. Leading figures have said that the category will see high, long-run growth by enabling large productivity gains and new models. But when? And how? Who will benefit/lose out? We will present a method and enable intelligent discussion. As a 15th year anniversary, we will review significant events over the past fifteen years and develop a view of the next few years.

Some of the most insightful leaders will provide executive briefing sessions and conference presentations.

Welcome from Director

We warmly invite you to join us in Cambridge, UK to update, discuss, understand, network, dine, meet, build relationships and invest or fund your business. Welcome to the 15th HVM Conference co-located with the 4th Graphene & New Materials Conference & Event Set 2017

These conferences are now part of the C4IR network of exchange and global event series which will offer valuable support and market access to those interested in understanding and investing in 4IR technologies and business models, in this case enabling with new materials such as graphene, Silicon Carbide and many other 2D, functional and organic materials.

With complexity and (cyber and investment) risk high, new business models unfamiliar, ROI and market timing unclear, tech implementation challenging, yet investment urgency very high, the C4IR network and event series is a much needed, bold, global initiative to connect. I hope it will resonate with the world’s corporate and financial investors, engineers and innovators. There is also a new membership network I encourage you to join.

- Dr Justin Hayward, Investment Research Director, Cambridge Investment Research & Co-Founder, CIR

Agenda with approximate timing

2 November 2017 Executive Briefing Day 1, mid-conference dinner evening & networking 9:30am - 9:30pm. This involves science & technology, innovation, markets sizing and growth and a strategy workshop to develop the value network further from previous conferences. This also involves work together on identifying the barriers to growth and adoption of relevant technologies and materials.

3 November 2017 Graphene & New Materials Business Conference (4th bi-annual) & networking 9:00am - 4:00pm

3 November 2017 HVM Business Conference 15th Anniversary 9:00am - 4:00pm

These two conference rooms will run in parallel during 3 November in the same building, within 15 seconds of each other. There will be 8 sessions during the day, each delegate able to see 4 sessions, while 2 delegates can see all of both streams. The sessions will each have an industry sectoral focus, such as aerospace or electronics or biomedical. Each session of 3-4 keynote talks will cover manufacturing (HVM); new materials/graphenes, market growth and size; innovation, IPR and strategy. This industry sector session approach, which we used in 2002 and in subsequent HVM Conferences, will enable new materials and manufacturing value chain participants to engage with brand owners in the wide range of key large sectors covered.

Brochure PDF

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Delegates may take a free exhibition stand position 1.5 metres wide per all-event delegate booking. Or book here now or call Maya on +44 1223 303500 to secure your place!

Content Objectives
Understand selected or general 4th industrial revolution sectors and business models and discuss

1. Drivers, impact, challenges and market timing 

2. Business models, economic value flow, monetisation, ROI calc frameworks & growth

3. Investment strategy and risk

for corporate and scaling energy and grids businesses.

Mission to help understand the complexity of HVM and new materials challenges in the context of 4th industrial revolution and to inspire to act;
to understand barriers to adoption and use and how to lower or remove them - i.e. enable the market;
to set out the role of services in reducing and removing barriers.

Who for? The world’s leading players are invited - a network ecosystem of leaders - investors, business development, product and service development, CFOs, innovation managers and technology managers

The forums begin with an executive briefing day then into the dinner networking evening. The full business conference in two streams is on day 2; these events are designed for very busy senior executives with the potential for adding high value to their corporate or scale-up businesses in the range of focus sectors.

“one of the strengths of your event format is linking technologies to markets,

“i.e. linking the supply side to the demand side and enabling markets by understanding barriers to adoption and employment of the technologies. These barriers are also risks for investors.”

”Great mix of influential people, with lots of experience to learn from.”

  • Corporates, entrepreneurs & innovators, engineers 
  • Corporate investors / decision-makers / Chief X Officers
  • HNW individuals  angel investors
  • Hedge/Fund Managers
  • Venture Capital Investors
  • Crowdfunding execs

”Excellent content and sufficient time for effective networking. Very good facilities and catering.” - Imperial College

“I liked the way the 2 days were structured: 1st day executive briefing with more "academic/theoretical" background and second day more "case-study" oriented.” - Cubico Investments

Flights information

All London Airports (Stansted STN (30 mins, exec taxi transfer cost £GBP50), City LCY (2h, £GBP125) , Heathrow LHR (2h, £GBP150), Luton LUT (1h30, £GBP100), Gatwick LGW 3h, £GBP200) serve Cambridge. Taxis take 10 minutes from the Cambridge train station and cost under £GBP 10.

About CIR networks of exchange

CIR invites you to come to these high quality events. They are led by insightful, intelligent and experienced leaders - neither by paid, professional “inspirational keynote” speakers nor by famous people with agents. We select the best speakers (from our audience analytics or from recommendations) who have something to say, have thought it through, and want now to communicate it. They are likely to be in the value network strategically or directly in the market with a product or service. They are busy people who are actually “doing it”, usually now, or recently or soon. You gain the best networking value, developing your funds or business and corporate success by gaining insights and growing the size and quality of the value network.

CIR founded its expanding network in 2002, since when there have been 48 great conference days for 4,350 delegates, covering high value manufacturing and automation, new materials such as graphenes and functional materials, connectivity in energy, transport, homes and health, smart systems and intelligence analytics. We are perfectly placed to deliver this global platform for business and are excited by the journey into the future.

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