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  • Please don’t miss this timely 5th summit on Grand Challenges for mobility, clean energy and health via new, advanced materials, ML/AI & data, connectivity & HVM.
  • Main ticket type: Both days with College dinner, with event hotel overnight 6-7 November 2019: £725 + vat (register below)
  • Popular ticket types (1) Both days with dinner, no hotel 6-7 November 2019: £470 + vat (register below)
  • Popular ticket types (2) Both days no dinner, no hotel 6-7 November 2019: £395 + vat (register below)
  • 8 more ticket types including: one-day only, lower-cost college accommodation, one day (day 1 with dinner afterwards or day 2 having had dinner the previous evening) all available (Click here for fast booking of any CIR Conference tickets in 2019. or fill in registration form below to send full info.)
  • 10% discount by calling us directly on 07720047402, for members of media partners listed in the logo graphic above: IOM3, Cambridge Network, BREC, Scitech Europa and Cambridge Wireless. Limited student tickets also available.
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Here is the: Brochure PDF

This unique 5th HVM & Graphene New Materials Conference Summit 2019 (#HVMGNM19) event series and investor and business network provides a platform for understanding disruptive concepts and investing in, partnering and innovating in various industry sectors, such as (1) aerospace & defence / space; (2) mobility / transport; (3) clean energy, energy storage, battery tech & heat transfer; (4) electronics & flexible displays; (5) sensors & devices; (6) healthcare & biomaterial sectors within “industry 4.0” particularly advanced manufacturing, functional materials & composites, digital connectivity and machine intelligence/data. A platform to discuss how to invest in, fund and grow these opportunities. Who will benefit? What are the risks? What technical issues of deployment exist? What new business models will be used? Over the years, these conference summits have provided great forums for discussion among the senior and experienced and those moving up the learning curve. We aim for collective brilliance in open talks. All are welcome.

Welcome from Director

We warmly welcome you to join us in Cambridge, UK to help solve Grand Challenges as defined by the UK and global governments as well as private sector organisations. Join us to update, discuss, understand, network, dine, meet, build relationships, invest or fund your business. Welcome to the 5th HVM & New Materials 2019 Conference Summit & Showcase.

HVM GNM is part of CIR’s network of exchange (C4IR) and global event series which will offer support and market access to those interested in understanding, developing and investing in industrial manufacturing and materials technologies. I hope this will be of value to corporate and financial investors, entrepreneurs at growth companies listed or privately held, engineers, inventors and innovators.

- Dr Justin Hayward, Investment Research Director, Cambridge Investment Research

Basic event structure

  • Day 1: executive briefing day | welcome dinner banquet evening at Christ’s/King’s College, Cambridge
  • Overnight stay at the 4* event hotel or college-style accommodation
  • Day 2: conference summit day & showcase | close

Quick agenda with timings

  • 6 November 2019 Welcome reception, executive briefing day, dinner evening at college & networking 9:30am - 9:30pm.
  • 7 November 2019 Conference Summit day 9:30 - 4:45pm

  • Here is the: Brochure PDF
    Payment is easiest via the following simple payment links: 

    Ticket shop Delegates may take an excellent networking exhibition stand position 3 metres wide at £2k. Book here via Maya or Justin on +447720047402 to secure a place!


    to help solve Grand Challenges such as the Future of Mobility, the Ageing Society, Clean Growth and to serve large markets for high value manufacturing, new materials & ML/data by bringing together the relevant powerful ecosystems  

    Content aims

    Understand the above sectors with focus on advanced materials, high value manufacturing, connectivity, data and machine intelligence, innovations
    1. Drivers, impact, challenges, market trends and timing 
    2. Business models, economic value, monetisation frameworks & growth
    3. Investment strategy and risk for corporate and scaling businesses.

    Who for?

    The world’s leading players are invited - a network ecosystem of leaders

    The forums begin with an executive briefing day designed both as standalone and detailed preparation for day 2 and also very good networking and meeting opportunities among other high level decision-makers followed same evening by the event dinner. Then the business conference summit & showcase is on day 2. The agenda is designed for busy senior executives with flexible ticket options to obtain dinner networking and either same day executive briefing day and/or conference summit day following dinner evening.

    • Corporates, entrepreneurs & innovators, inventors, engineers 
    • Corporate investors / decision-makers / Chief Executive/Technology/Strategy Officers
    • Angel & private investors
    • Fund Managers
    • Venture Capital Investors
    • Public sector government executives & senior scientists from leading academic insitutions

    Flight information

    All London Airports (Stansted STN (30 mins, exec taxi transfer cost £GBP50), City LCY (2h, £GBP125) , Heathrow LHR (2h, £GBP150), Luton LUT (1h30, £GBP100), Gatwick LGW 3h, £GBP200) serve Cambridge. Taxis take 10 minutes from the Cambridge train station and cost under £GBP 10.

    About CIR networks

    CIR invites you to come to these high quality events. They are led by insightful, intelligent and experienced leaders. You gain the best networking value, developing your funds or business and corporate success by gaining insights and growing the size and quality of the value network.

    CIR founded its expanding network in 2002, since when there have been 50 great conference days for 4,250 people, covering high value manufacturing and automation; new & functional materials such as graphene; connectivity in energy, clean power, transport, homes and health, smart systems, IIOT and machine intelligence. We are well-placed to deliver this global platform for business and are excited by the journey.

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