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2012 Conference Programme

Opening Session
10:00 Michael McCreary, Senior Consultant, CIR Strategy
10:05 Chair’s Opening Remarks: Dr Hans Jensen, CEO UK Water Industry Research
10:15 Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chairman, Environment Agency
Opening Address - no slides
10:30 Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation, Anglian Water
Opportunities for Innovation in the Water Industry
10:45 Kieran Healey, Veolia
Moving towards sustainable wastewater treatment
11:00 Panel with Chairman – iWATER opening session

11:20 Coffee break

Session 2 - Technologies & Resource Efficiency in Water
11:50 Professor Annie Brooking, CEO, Bactest Ltd
Microbial Testing in Potable Water
12:05 Ian Bernard, British Water
Water Supply Chain and Industry Structure
12:20 Andy Slater, Director, Sensus
Smart Water Networks: Beyond Metering
12:35 Panel with Moderator Fiona Griffith, General Manager, Isle Utilities

13:00 Lunch and Joint Exhibitions

Session 3 - Waste As Resource (Energy from Waste)
14:00 Charles Lee, Futureneering
Energy Recovery from Waste
14:15 Doug Stewart, CEO, Green Energy UK
Clean power from organic waste
14:30 Philip Gaffney, CEO, L2S2
Resource Management Systems
14:45 Nick Boyle, CEO, Lightsource
Powering the WAR in Cambs
15:00 Panel with Moderator

15:25 Tea break

Final Session – Debate on water and waste-as-resource
15:50 Rupert Kruger, Head of Innovation, Thames Water
15:55 Francis Wright, Turquoise (Low Carbon Investment Fund)
Green Investment Requirements & Trends
16:10 Dr James O Jenkins, University of Hertfordshire
Water Resource Management and Policy
16:25 Sam Bose, CEO AquaMW
Infrastructure Efficiency
16:40 Final Panel with Rupert Kruger, Head of Innovation, Thames Water

17:15 Summary from Chairman UKWIR & Networking along with the iHEAT Conference delegates

We hope you enjoyed the conference and exhibition.

Justin, Maya, Claire, Mike, Justin
CIR Conference Team 2012