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Meeting market demands: Cambridge Consultants at 8th Smart Grids Conference Cambridge

Cambridge Consultants, the technology cluster leader, features at the ARM-sponsored 8th Smart Grids Cleanpower Cambridge conference next month. The company, which has spun out many technology startups across five decades, will propose a framework to create more insightful products, technologies and digital services to meet the demands of the market created by the Smart Grid.

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Organiser C4IR is delighted to welcome the technology cluster leader Cambridge Consultants to the conference.

Andrew Strong of Cambridge Consultants says that maintaining leadership in a rapidly developing market with equally rapid technology evolution is a growing multidisciplinary challenge for both small and multinational enterprises.

This talk will propose a framework to create more insightful products, technologies and digital services that will meet the demands of the market created by the Smart Grid.

He will outline a phased approach – from identifying opportunities to developing successful commercial offerings, illustrated using real project examples including sensing, communications, data analytics, machine learning and digital services.

Jo-Jo Hubbard (pictured), CTO of Electron, a young technology company, will speak to the provocative title “Energy blockchains and why you should care.” Her session will discuss ways in which blockchain technology can drive efficiencies and new business models in the energy industry. Jo-Jo will elaborate on Blockchain capabilities, use cases and opportunities and how to drive adoption. IBM will also discuss blockchain in a session with ARM.

There is three weeks to go to this event and it will be very interesting and timely indeed, one not to miss! To attract startups,  a few tickets are available for the Business Conference on 20 June at just £149 pv(please email the organisers or buy these & a full set of special options via Eventbrite here (+ card fee)), courtesy of ARM sponsorship of the conference.

ARM, the global chip design ecosystem leader returns to SGCP17. Along with ARM & UtilityWise, sponsors also include NERA and Cambridge Consultants and media partners Pan European Networks & Cambridge TV.

Conference Outline

This 8th high level conference expo (with lead event sponsor ARM) brings together innovators, kit manufacturers with smart grids project buyers. It develops themes requested by global participants in previous series conferences since 2009, and new trends, drivers, innovations, solutions, the global market & value network.

Dr Justin Hayward, Director of C4IR added: “Just three weeks to go now to this event and we are delighted with the programmes and attendee mix! We have a VC & ARM-led innovation pitching session on the 20th at the business conference and a high quality delve into basics, technologies, markets and innovation on the 19th in the briefing day.”

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IBM cover 4 key technologies in a session at Smart Grids & Cleanpower 2017 Cambridge

August News – Cambridge GrapheneTechDays 2015

We welcome you all!

Who Should Attend? 


Why attend? Pricing

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Sponsor Credits: Haydale plc (Lead) FlexEnable (Co-Lead) CGC (Co-Lead) Marks & Clerk LLP (Gold)

The Cambridge Graphene Tech Days 2015 is a leading festival of events over two days for networking and learning more about the latest advances in commercialising Graphene and related materials  in sectors such as electronics, displays, energy storage, composites, packaging, aerospace & defence and automotive.

Airbus & BP will give new presentations on the challenges for Graphene Solutions Providers in their set of industries and will be joined also by other global conglomerates.

The special programme of events will be held mainly in Cambridge’s newly-opening Graphene Building: with an exhibition of technology and tours of new labs as well as a media event, conference and a fine Hall dinner. The expert-led MasterClass covering the value network srtructure and barriers & application prioritisation offer enormous added value to corporate executive leaders.

Introduction from Dr Justin Hayward, CEO of CIR and Co-Director of Cambridge Graphene Days 2015
It is an honour to have the chance to bring together such excellent industrial and entrepreneurial growth companies in the graphene and GRM sector with Cambridge University and its new Graphene Centre Building Hub. Cambridge is perhaps the top global university across all key measures such as teaching and research. It is also home to a burgeoning technology cluster. Great companies have been born & grown to billions in the 25 years that I’ve lived here, but now multinationals also regularly come to have a base in Cambridge to find excellent research, engineering & coding staff, partnerships with top academics and other outsourcing and learning with many other players offering services in the tech cluster. I look forward to an inspiring couple of days of events.

Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale commented ”The Cambridge hub is one of the pre-eminent places to go for the highest quality science and application skills. As a leading technological solution provider to this rapidly evolving market sector it made great sense to support this centre of excellence covering graphene and related nano materials, . We believe the conferences and workshops at the Cambridge Graphene Days will showcase the adoption and use of the graphene materials in real products. Haydale’s functionalised graphene technology already is providing ground breaking benefits to organisations involved with composite materials, conductive inks and next generation battery technology”.

Chuck Milligan, CEO, FlexEnable commented ”The relevance of graphene and graphene-like materials to flexible electronics for displays and sensors is clear, and we are proud to be co-sponsors of the Cambridge Graphene Days event – and the opening of the Graphene Building in Cambridge. We believe that our unique manufacturing processes for flexible electronics, together with the exponential growth expected in the flexible display and IoT sensor markets, provide enormous opportunity for this exciting class of materials.”

Professor Andrea Ferrari added “We are very much looking forward to our Cambridge Graphene Technology Day on the 5th of November, when we will showcase industrial applications of graphene and related materials. We are also excited to be hosting high value manufacturing-oriented meetings on the site of the Cambridge Graphene Centre”

To learn more about the Cambridge Graphene Technology Days 2015 please visit

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Smart Homes: a hotbed for IoT?

SHCP13 | Bookings

Theme: Connected intelligence in 4 sizzlng sessions

1. Presence & the connected building; Services to the smart home; The comfortable, convenient home; Smart cities – smart citizens; Entrepreneur programmes; Access to innovation funds for SMEs;

2. Intelligent Water: monitoring, meters; sensors; controls; displays; integration.

3. Intelligent Heat & Energy; Heating smart communities; Storage & controls; Energy efficiency; Automation via devices;

4. IoT entrepreneurship;

Imagine you could be “present” in your home without having to be there, by influencing the many settings, appliances, deliveries, security remotely, and all with a minimum of fuss. It could be a matter of switching heating systems on and off from the airport. It might be changing the setting on a security system. The supply of your favourite food might not need to be updated because you are away for a week.

When you are there, the temperature in rooms will automatically adjust to the circumstances – without your intervention, unless you wish to make a change, for example, for visitors you believe may have different comfort zones. Your smart home automates intelligently for you.

A key aspect of this is service design: if, as the number of connected devices in the home increases, the complexity of managing the home goes up, then it won’t work for the householders. With the technology and automation needs to come simplicity in the service model.

So how can the internet of things be used to get our house to tell us (and our neighbours and the police) when we are being burgled, and switch on alarms and camera recordings that are sent to our smartphones via the web in real time?

How can our home automation systems minimise our bills as energy prices rise? Our energy use? Our footprint?

As regards heat and water technologies – how can new offerings help integrate into the smart home, smart community and smart city? And in the wider context, how can technology enable the “smart citizen” interacting at all the levels there?

And what programmes are out there for entrepreneurs to gain access to government matched funding for research or marketing of products and services in these sectors?

What can be done to reduce the allocation of funds to large utility players to the apparent exclusion of smaller companies who innovate strongly?

The 8th Smart Homes & Cleanpower Conference 2013 Expo (SHCP13 | Bookings) will take place at Buckingham House Conference Centre, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University CB3 0DF on 5 November 2013, and the forum will discuss the above questions in pleasant and relaxed modern conference surrounds, just half a mile from the beautiful mediaeval centre of the town.

The pricing is very modest at £100 for independent full-time entrepreneurs seeking investment & students; £195 for investors, government and academics (a £130 reduction) & £325 for full- and part-time executives.

Fast-track bookings can be made by calling 01223 303500 or hitting this mailto link and sending an email with name, affiliation, and telephone and the CIR SHCP13 Team will do the rest!






Smart Grids & Cleanpower 2013 – Cambridge conference gives global insights

A “cracking” day was had by over 100 senior delegates at the 5th Smart Grids & Cleanpower Conference Expo 2013 in Cambridge last week. Over 33% of the delegates took a survey & all spoke highly of the event. The conference was sponsored by local giant ARM Ltd.

Gold Sponsors Anglian Water and Hitachi Europe gave talks. In total there were nearly 40 speakers and moderators across the two streams. There were 7 panel sessions and 3 hours of networking and exhibition.

Pilgrim Beart, Founder Director of AlertMe Ltd, was voted the best speaker by over a third of delegates, giving a talk on Simplicity for the smart home, with Keith Clarke of ARM Ltd in second place with their vision of global connected intelligence.

Organiser and principal consultant at CIR Strategy Ltd Justin Hayward said: “Running a high quality conference of this size is immensely challenging. People are booking later and later, costs are rising, competition is growing as we move into the experience economy further. Yet this event, our 31st since 2002, was extremely rewarding on the day, as we achieved attendance over 100, and already over a third of the delegates have come back with uniformly high praise of the conference. As a consultancy, we continue to do interesting work around this general set of topics.”

Delegates have already been provided with a 50pp document PDF of all aspects of the day, edited by Justin Hayward PhD MBA and Michael McCreary CEng of CIR Strategy, from notes by Maria Gradillas of Imperial College. Delegates also have an image gallery of the day, speaker biographies & synopses, slides of all speakers, and a summary of the conference talks and panels (Chatham House).


Next year’s SGCP14 conference is already being built – see you on 4 June 2014. Upcoming conferences include the 5 November Smart Homes & Cleanpower Conference taking in the iWATER, iHEAT, and SHIFT sessions, co-located with the HVM Graphene Conference. Not a day to be missed!

You can sign up for the 5 November 2013 and 4 June 2014 conferences already here:


Smart Grids & Cleanpower: an overview of 5 June 2013

Dear colleague

SGCP 2013 is an exciting one-day conference expo in two streams for corporates, investors and entrepreneurs building businesses in the connected intelligence for grids and power sector. The conference is in its 5th year. We want to inform, inspire and connect the people and companies building & securing the smart grid and enabling safer cleaner lower-cost power generation.

Why attend SGCP – what this conference expo gives you

The double-stream conference brings together brands implementing connected intelligence and the disruptive tech companies supplying them to discuss smart grids “The Grid of Things” and transition energy security.

The Lead Sponsor is ARM. Speakers include ARM, Energy Saving Trust, Cyan Technology, BPAE, Anglian Water, National Grid, National Nuclear Lab, National Physical Lab, UK Power Networks, S&C tbc, Trilliant, ETI, DECC, Ofgem, Intellisense, Moixa Energy and AlertMe (see web for longer list andagenda).

Some who will be there: Cambridge University, Imperial College, Marshall Group, Anglian Water, Hitachi Europe Future Cities, Energy Saving Trust, NPL, TTP Ventures, Dawe Media, Fault Current Ltd, Maosco Ltd, Multos, Isentropic Ltd, AlertMe Ltd, Polysolar Ltd, Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd, Green Tide Ltd, JKPM Ltd, Energence Ltd, Metric Digital, EDW Tech Ltd, Cyan Technology Ltd, Shirlaws, Trillion Fund, UKTI East, Alconbury Enterprise, Autodesk, Trilliant, S & C Electric, BPVA, KISS Comms Ltd, Quench Power Ltd, Venner Shipley LLP, Cambridge Design Partnership Ltd, The Guardian Newspaper, UK Power Networks, BP plc,National Grid, Ofgem, Intellisense, Buro Happold, Durham University, Electralink, NNL, Ofgem, Sainsbury’s plc, DECC, ETI, Solar Century plc, Renesola, Emblem Ventures, UKERC, Oxford University, Moixa Energy, Adapt Commercial Ltd, Poyry, Mansion Partners, Xsilon Ltd, PassivSystems, Nanoforce Ltd, Gazprom, Qatar Developments, greenBRIDGE, New Laws Legal, EDF Energy, Clean Capital Advisors, Low Carbon KEEP Programme, CreativeZones, FusionIP, Sentec, Cambashi.

Media Partners include Business Weekly, Cleantech Investor Magazine, Clean Capital Network, Connected Clusters, Cleantech Business News and Smart Grids Careers: a lot of publicity!

Using probably the best & most comfortable venue in Cambridge, we offer many hours of pleasant, great networking with a lunch as well as structured and unstructured sessions and Q&A throughout the day.

Interested in exhibiting?

There is still some space for showing off what you do in the conference networking hours including lunch so please do get in touch.

Rising stars in grids and power

A key part of the programme is showcasing with innovation pitches, hosted this year by experienced investor Clennell Collingwood of TTP Ventures, the best of the innovators that are making the connected intelligence, grid technology & power generation deployment. Companies with the greatest market potential will meet customers, investors and press. If you have a successful or new business in grids and power, take an expo showcase space here (only 2 spots remain).

You can find out more and register here ( for SGCP13 and/or HVM & iWATER November on the info webpage here.

By calling 01223 303500 to book and telling us that you heard about this through Cleantech Investor Magazine, we will give you a 20% discount from the exec and investor rates.

Justin Hayward

CIR Conferences in Cleantech and HVM

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Slideshare: Past conference talks

More info about future events – speaking, sponsorship & registration

Conferences upcoming (call 01223 303500 to plan a great marketing programme):

Smart Grids & Cleanpower, 5 June, Cambridge

HVM Graphene Disruptive, 5 November, Cambridge

iWATER & iHEAT, 5 November, Cambridge

Smart Grids & Cleanpower 2012: a wholesome and innovative mix

Headlined by ARM plc and Schneider Electric, the 2012 Smart Grids and Cleanpower Conference in Cambridge at New Hall on 14 June chaired by Dr Sarah Darby and Mr Jeremy Nicholson plays host to a veritable wholesome and innovative mix of talks. All conferences are in some sense unique, but some are more unique than others and organisers CIR Strategy urge you to tool over to Cambridge for this wonderful lineup of talks.

Taking part in 2012 are for example: EON, UK Power Networks, National Grid, DECC, Ofgem, ARM, Schneider Electric, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Reading University, BT, Telefonica, ITU, Design London, Sainsburys, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin, Silicon Valley Bank, Peloton Advisors, Deloitte, PwC, Navetas, Amantys, Ampium, Cyan Technology, Xsilon, Eight19, Farm Power, BEAMA, ENA, Energy UK, TAHI, New Energy Network, Cleantech Investor, CUEN; JBS, EPRG, Engineering, Computer Lab, CU; Verne Global, Siemens Infrastructure and Cities, CU Engineering, House of Lords, Mansion, Solar Power UK, Solar Century, Poyry, UK Bioenergy Strategy, InCrops, and many more.

As for the programmes, SGCP sees a roster of over 30 speakers and moderators over two streams: smart grids and cleanpower.

Among many highlights, there will be:

An introduction to the smart energy ecosystem (ARM). A debate about smart meters. Another on networks policy and who benefits at each stage. UK prospects on wind (Ofgem E-Serve), on solar (Solar Century) and on biomass energy (Poyry, InCrops) and shale gas assessed (Lord Oxburgh). There is a talk on printed electronic PAYG solar PV being rolled out in Africa and India. Another will look at sustainable generation for the Cloud. A range of emerging market and mainstream apps of smart grid techs as case studies among innovating startups and SMEs.


Opening Session – Smart Meter Rollout Debate

10:00   Dr Justin Hayward Conference Director & Consultant, CIR Strategy, Introductory Remarks

10:05   Dr Sarah Darby, Oxford University, Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:10   Gary Atkinson, Director Embedded Marketing at ARM Holdings plc Headline Sponsor

Smart Energy ecosystem – What is possible today & where we need to get to?

10:30   Professor Ross Anderson, Computer Lab, Cambridge University

Critique of the Smart Meter Roll-out: Security & Systems

10:45   Rachel Crisp, DECC Head of Energy Networks

Government policy on balance: smart meters are key

11:00   Siemens Infrastructure & Cities

The Value of Smart Meters Today

11:15   Panel with Terry Rowbury, BEAMA – Moderator of Smart Meter Rollout Debate Session

11:30   Coffee            break

Session  2 – Wider Applications of Grid Technologies

11:50   tbc Lockheed Martin / Rolls Royce,

Microgrids in the Theatre

12:05   Tate Cantrell CEO Verne Global

The truly sustainable cloud – not a myth

12:20    Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Eight19

Powering the unGrid

12:35   Panel with Graham Ford, Mansion Partners, & Innovation Pitches

13:00   Lunch and Exhibitions

Session 3 – Grid and Metering Network Solutions

14:00   David Lewis, Marketing Director, Schneider Electric (UK) Lead Sponsors

Enabling Smart Grids Connections

14:15   Bryn Parry, CEO, Amantys – Gold Sponsors

A fresh approach to power switching

14:30    Geoff Sarney, Head Smart Metering, Cyan Technology/Telefonica – Gold Sponsors

Control and Comms Networks for Grids and Metering

14:45   Russell Haggar, XSilon

M2m and Technology for the Internet of Things         

15:00   Tea break

Final Session – Integration, innovation, standards & network policy

15:20   Richard Smith, National Grid

Future Transmission Networks

15:40   Keith Dickerson, Committee Member, International Telecoms Union

Network Standards: update & the trends

16:00   Greg Payne, Director of Business Modelling, Software, EON New Build & Technology UK

Weighing Up the Future of Balancing Services           

16:20   Dora Guzeleva, Head of Network Policy, Ofgem

Policies Right for Innovation

16:40   Panel with David Smith, Energy Networks Association, Chairperson’s Summary, Innov Pitch Prizes

Drinks Networking

This 4th Annual Smart Grids & Cleanpower Conference, uniquely covering the core and range of technologies and strategic vision for grids and power, is brought to you by CIR Strategy in association with ARM plc and Schneider Electric, and is part of the Cleantech Conferences of Cambridge Series which has run 16 times since 2007.

Bookings online at: or by phone at 01223303500


Opening Session – Clean and Bio energy

10:10   Michael McCreary Senior HVM Consultant, CIR Strategy, Introductory Remarks

10:15   Jeremy Nicholson, Senior Advisor, EEF EIUG, Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:25   Professor John Miles, Engineering, Cambridge University & Director ARUP

Clean Energy: at what price?

10:45   Bianca Forte, InCrops

A review of bioenergy technologies

11:00   Ali Lloyd, Principal Consultant, Poyry

The outlook for biomass electricity in the UK

11:15   Panel with Chairman – Clean and Bio energy opening Session

11:30   Coffee  break

Session  2 – Solar PV

11:50   Alan South, Commercial Director, Solar Century plc

UK FiTs & RHIs: an evolving solar market for growth

12:10   Mark Simon, CEO, Farm Power

Business Models for PV and microhydro electricity

12:30  Panel with Solar Power UK, followed by Innovation Pitches          

13:00   Lunch and Exhibitions

Session 3 – Wind

14:00   Robert Hull, Managing Director, E-Serve, OfGem

Enabling Offshore Wind to Grid

14:20   Cristiano Marantes, UK Power Networks

Large Wind Projects & the LCNF

14:40   Philip Skipper, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities

Wind Balancing & Storage     

15:00   Tea break

Final Session – Sustainability, energy policy & security – Moderated by Christine McGourty Energy UK

Opening Talk by ARM plc, Headline Sponsor

15:20   Peter Sharratt, Head of Sustainability Services, Deloitte

Future Cities

15:40   Dr Bernie Bulkin, Chair, Office for Renewable Energy Deployment, DECC

Technologies for Targets to 2050        

16:00   Lord Oxburgh, Independent Member, House of Lords, former Chairman Shell

Shale Gas: Curse or Boon?

16:20   Panel, Chairman’s Summary (Jeremy Nicholson EEF)


Drinks Networking

This 4th Annual Smart Grids & Cleanpower Conference, uniquely covering the core and range of technologies and strategic vision for grids and power, is brought to you by CIR Strategy in association with ARM plc and Schneider Electric, and is part of the Cleantech Conferences of Cambridge Series.

Bookings online at: or by phone at 01223303500


Powering the unGrid! CEO Eight19 Simon Bransfield-Garth features at Smart Grids 2012 14 June

Twenty-two per cent of the world’s population – 1.6 billion people – are unconnected to the grid and, despite governmental efforts, the number in Africa is still rising. Eight19’s Indigo pay-as-you-go solar combines mobile phone and solar technology to provide off-grid power as a service, providing clean power without the up-front cost of a traditional solar power installation.

Powering the Ungrid

This talk by Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Eight19, will take place in the Smart Grids stream looking at unusual applications of grid and power technology during the 4th Annual Smart Grids and Cleanpower Conference 2012 on 14 June at Cambridge University‘s premier conference centre at Murrary Edwards College. CIR Strategy, organisers and specialists in service design and routes to value advice, offer this 25th Conference in their series since 2002.

You can see the lineup, themes and aims of this year’s leading CleanTech conference in Cambridge on grids and power here and you are welcome to book online.

Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Eight19

Simon has 25 years’ global experience building rapid growth, technology-based businesses in sectors including Semiconductor, Automotive and Mobile Phones. His career includes seven years at Symbian, the phone OS maker, where he was a member of the Leadership Team and VP Global Marketing.

Simon was founder of Myriad Solutions Ltd and was previously a Fellow at Cambridge University. He holds a BA and Ph.D in Engineering from St John’s College, Cambridge UK.

Clean Energy: at What Price? Professor John Miles keynotes Cleanpower 2012 14 June

An analytical keynote talk by Professor John Miles of the Engineering Department at Cambridge University in the opening session of the Cleanpower Conference on 14 June at Murray Edwards College, will look at the possibilities for generating clean energy in the UK in pursuit of the Government 2050 goals. In particular, the cost of supplying energy from these sources will be commented on and some possible practical routes forward explored.

Professor John Miles, Director ARUP & Cambridge University Engineering


John Miles has been a Group Board director at Arup, the global consultancy, for 17 years and has been responsible for a number of high profile projects and developments over that time. John has very wide experience in the fields of energy and resources, and has particular expertise in the areas of energy strategy and low-carbon transport systems. As a senior member of the firm, John has been a media spokesman on subjects ranging from Peak Oil to Intelligent Mobility, and has actively contributed to the debate on carbon reduction and global warming. Outside Arup, John has held a number of significant positions including a three-year term as a commissioner on the UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and a term as a director of the UK Housing Forum. He is currently a member of the UK Automotive Council, the UK Energy Research Partnership, and a non-executive director of the Construction Industry Research and Information Association.

To read more information, click here.

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Lord Oxburgh keynotes on ‘Shale Gas – Curse or Boon?’ at Cleanpower Conference 14 June Book now!

Ron Oxburgh

Shale gas is natural gas that, unlike conventional gas, never escaped from the source rock within which it was formed because the source was too impermeable. Modern technology has allowed this gas to be exploited by a combination of detailed sub-surface imaging, precisely controlled directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The application of these technologies is still in its infancy and some unfortunate and weakly regulated attempts to exploit shale gas have been made without making proper use of them resulting in some highly undesirable environmental consequences that include unintended gas seepages and pollution of ground water.  This has led to some strong local resistance to new shale gas exploration.

The world’s shale gas resources are probably very large but detailed exploration has yet to be done in many places. However, shale gas has more than doubled US gas reserves. China appears to have even larger reserves. In countries where it occurs, however, shale gas is likely to displace coal as the preferred fuel for power generation and to that extent will reduce the carbon footprint of electricity. However the continued availability of gas may weaken efforts to find sustainable alternatives.

End of Talk Summary for Lord Oxburgh Keynote on 14 June at New Hall Cambridge University CB3 0GT.


Biography for Ron Oxburgh

Ron Oxburgh is an independent member of the House of Lords and is currently chairman of 2OC, Green Energy Options and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association. He was formerly President of Queens’ College Cambridge, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence, Rector of Imperial College and Chairman of Shell.