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  • 4th Graphene New Materials
    15th HVM Conferences

  • Cambridge, UK - 2-3 November 2017

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4th Graphene & New Materials Conference | 15th anniversary HVM Conference 2017 Cambridge, UK - co-located

Summary Information
2 November, 2017, Cambridge
Executive Briefing Day | Showcase | Dinner

3 November 2017, Cambridge
15th Anniversary HVM Business Conference and 4th Graphene & New Materials Business Conference
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AGENDA - DAY 1 EXECUTIVE BRIEFING DAY 2017 Cambridge 2 November 0930-1700

  • Session I a.m.

    Introduction with Dr Tim Minshall (slides), Inaugural Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation, IfM Cambridge; Professor Krzysztof Koziol (slides), Cranfield University and Nick Coutts MA, CIR & Imperial RCA

    Science and tech update 1

    HVM & OI - Manufacturing: Are we undergoing a ‘4th Industrial Revolution’?

    Science and tech update 2

    New Materials & Graphene

    Katarzyna Sokol (slides), Researcher, nanoDTC Cambridge | Latest top 5 breakthroughs and research in energy storage 2D materials

    Nick Coutts - How we prioritise barriers to adoption & identify opportunities

  • Networking break with coffee

  • Session II a.m.

    Enabling technology & industry 4.0 updates - moderated by Professor Lynn Martin, Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, ARU & HRI

  • Data Analytics & AI

    Madhuban Kumar, CEO, Metafused (slides) | Artificial Intelligence and Automation: Jobs today and tomorrow

  • Connectivity

    Dr Sandra Stincic Clarke (slides), Principal Researcher, BT Research

  • Energy storage & 2D materials

    Dr Mel Loveridge (slides), WMG | How Can 2D Materials Advance Energy Storage? | Bio-inspired Graphene composite electrodes for Advanced Energy Storage

  • Graphene Oxide Applications

    Cameron Day (slides), Technical Materials Specialist, William Blythe Graphene Oxide: Optimisation for Industrial Applications

  • Lunch

    Networking, meetings and showcase

  • Session III p.m.


  • Automation & machine Learning

    Dr Catharina Paukner (slides) , CTO, IfM Cambridge Nanosystems | Global Graphene Domination

  • Machine Learning and Self-Drive Cars

    Dr Alex Kendall (slides), University of Cambridge Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Robotics | Artificial Intelligence: The opportunities for robotics

  • Case study on Advanced Materials & HVM

    Harry Swan, (slides) Managing Director, Thomas Swan | From Concorde to Composites: our Graphene story

  • Networking break with tea

  • Session IV p.m.

  • Stakeholders & Value Network

    Session Led by Nick Coutts MA w/ a short talk on Engaging with End Users by

    Tara Button, (1 slide), author | Inputs from government agency KTN / InnovateUK and standards organisation BSI

  • Dinner at King’s, Cambridge (fully booked)


Day 2 - Plenary Stream 1 - 15th Anniversary HVM Conference & 4th Graphene and New Materials Business Conference 2017 Cambridge - 3 November 2017

Day 2 - Stream 2 - 15th Anniversary HVM Business Conference 2017 Cambridge - 3 November 2017

  • Session I Plenary: Introduction & Aerospace & Space - 9:30am - 11:00am

    Distinguished Panel Chaired by Professor Sir Mike Gregory CBE see above

  • Coffee break


  • Session II: Energy Storage, Energy & heat transfer - 11:30am - 1:00pm

    Batteries: key enabler focus

  • Adrian de Ferranti, (slides) Partner, EnergiNest Thermal Energy Storage: the missing link to harvest full renewable energy potential

  • Dr Siva Bohm, (slides) CTO, Talga Resources Graphene materials: a key role in upcoming industrial high value products

  • Dr Gerry Agnew, (slides) Chief Technical Adviser, Rolls-Royce Senior Fellow, Rolls Royce FCS | Energy Storage: Ready for take off?

  • Panel moderated by Graham Ford MA, Mansion Ecopartners, with speakers

  • Lunch

    Networking, meetings and showcase - both streams

  • Session III:Healthcare, biotech & biomedical - 2:00pm - 3:30pm

    Materials, nanotech & AI for health

  • Introduction - Aline Charpentier, Business Development, One Nucleus

  • Dr Laura Ferguson, (slides) Director, CapitalCell | Equity crowdfunding: The future of healthcare finance?

  • Dr Ruchi Sharma, (slides here later) CEO, Stemnovate | Liver on a chip: Bioengineering for novel drug development

  • Dr Alexandra Grigore, (slides) Co-Founder & Director of Innovation, Simprints | Enabling healthcare: solving the identity bottleneck

  • Panel with speakers moderated by One Nucleus and CBPartners

  • Tea break


  • Session IV Plenary: Sensors & Devices - 4.00pm - 5.25pm

    See above as plenary

  • Networking & Drinks



A brand new Cambridge Executive Conference Building, Cambridge, England - state-of-art auditorium near West Cambridge site and town centre; excellent, bright, relaxed, high level networking & exhibition spaces, meeting areas, great food, plentiful coffee & drinks - lovely gardens and terrace adjacent.

The beautiful X College, Cambridge for dinner (fully booked).

Event hotel is a 4* hotel on the river Cam.

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