Conference slides and summary 2019

    Day 1 Tech Exec Briefings

    Hayward, Cambridge Investment Research;

    Ferrari, CGC - Cambridge University;

    Iqbal, Partner, Marks & Clerk LLP;

    Koziol, Cranfield University;

    Panel moderated by Dr Andrea Lorenz CTEC

    Fox, Aurelius;

    Wilding OBE, Cranfield University;

    Morris, Imperial College Grantham;

    Spittle, Satellite Applications Catapult;

    Agnew, Airbus;

    Panel moderated by Dr Jeff Hardy, Imperial College Grantham

    Frank-Schultz, IBM;

    Hancox, Deep Learning Solutions Architect, NVIDIA AI;

    Gompes, Cybersecurity Manager, Darktrace.

    Handley, CEO, PolyChord Ltd;

    Panel moderated by Dr Andrea Lorenz

    Day 2 Innovation Summit Conference

    Hayward, Director, Cambridge Investment Research;

    Baker, CEO, Graphene at Manchester;

    Butler, Business Development, William Blythe;

    PingPing Ni, Astra Zeneca;

    Moreau, Head of Research, BitBio;

    Panel moderated by Dr Claire Button

    Kumar, Cambridge University;

    Italiano, Ford;

    Omersa, Omnagen;

    Tomov, Research Associate, DMSM, Cambridge University & CAMJET Ltd;

    Panel moderated by Isobel Sheldon, UKBIC

    Hodge, Head of Research, Versarien;

    Fidler, Cybersecurity Manager, Darktrace;

    Bohm, CAMI;

    Williamson, Director, Cambridge Innovation Capital.

    Panel moderated by Dr Andrea Lorenz, CTEC